When trying to lose fat, the number one goal is always to be in a calorie defici…

When trying to lose fat, the number one goal is always to be in a calorie deficit when trying to lose fat, otherwise fat loss cannot occur.❌

While it is true that there are studies showing the likes of carnitine, green tea and CLA aiding in weight loss, the effects are reported in research are very little and usually the main effects behind their weight loss success (if any) isn’t anything other than acting as a appetite suppressant or a stimulant, therefore resulting is reduction of FOOD INTAKE or increase of EXERCISE.

Having protein, veggies/fruits with every meal and avoiding liquid calories are habits you’re supposed to adopt, since this will make the fat loss process a lot easier.

Strength training is definitely something you want to include as more muscle mass means a faster working metabolism. Increasing your daily steps or activity will help you create a larger deficit or allow you to indulge in more calories.💪🏼

Other than that make sure you rest well and keep in mind to be consistent and patient. This is crucial for your journey to be successful.🔑

Just remember that pills or supplements won’t help unless you have the basics right. The truth is, there are no shortcuts to losing fats. You have to stick to the basics.

What is the biggest struggle for you when it comes to fat loss? Let us know below👇

If you’re currently struggling to lose fat, and you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING, and have absolutely NO idea what to do next, DM me “HELP”

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